How can I discourage fake IDs in my home?

How can I discourage fake IDs in my home?

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If your teen isn't using fake IDs, but is using their awesome Photoshop skills to make them for their friends, they can still get into legal trouble. Creating and selling fake ids for sale is a class A misdemeanor.A class A misdemeanor can result in up to one year in jail or a large fine.The first thing that you can do is start conversations with your teen. Make sure they know the laws behind underage drinking and the consequences of using a fake id new york to get alcohol. Your voice is one of the most influential ones that your teen hears, so make sure to keep communication open.You can also discourage a passive acceptance of fake IDs and underage drinking. If your student mentions a peer getting in trouble for using one, use it as a teaching opportunity. Ask them questions about what they think about the situation and teach them the laws that in place.

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