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  • Localização Seattle, WA is giving away 10 Million Rat Coin. Ten winners will receive 1 million RAT a piece. The rules are simple:

The First 10 People To:
1) Sign up for using this link -
2) Claim from the FAUCET 10 times (Can claim once every hour)
3) Message @re_stake on Twitter

The first ten people to complete the above 3 steps will receive 1 Million RAT Coin!

Join the ReStake Discord for more information -
Follow ReStake on Twitter - Launching soon -

Disclaimer: This giveaway requires no purchase necessary to win. The giveaway is sponsored by is not affiliated with Any attempts to cheat will disqualify you from this giveaway.
ReStake - Stake & Masternode Coin crowd pooling service.
Launching December 2020

Invest in the entire pool and receive daily staking rewards. You can choose which currency you are paid in each day (BTC, ETH, etc.). The service will allow you to stake many different coins and receive rewards in any crypto that you choose.

This is a completely new staking pool based on decentralized finance practices. Restake will be similiar to Uniswap, and all the spin offs that we are seeing earn great returns for their users. Decentralized finance is what Bitcoin is all about. Stakers and Masternode coin holders should participate fully in De-Fi. Now you can with ReStake.
Sweeet! I just made my own token on

ReStake TOKEN - ICO coins for an AI staking pool launching in December.
A great way for mutual support. Check this token and see how the idea evolves:

I set the price at 1 MintMe (AVG 13 sats) per ReStake Token. Each token will be redeemable for a month membership to ReStake when the service launches! 1 Restake token will be worth $1 USD!

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  • Morando em United States
  • Localização Seattle, WA